Electrical installations

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Strong current electrical installations

We deal with the design, construction and commissioning of strong current electrical installations. In our offer you will find: intelligent lighting-DALI, UPS, voltage stabilizers, current generators, photovoltaic systems, charging stations.
Intelligent lighting – DALI is used in building automation to control lighting fixtures.

We are manufacturers and distributors of a range of UPSs up to 330 kVA designed to provide backup power to systems, protecting key devices from power outages.
Voltage stabilizers
We are manufacturers and distributors of voltage stabilizers.
Current generators
We are manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of power generators with powers between 2 and 2700 kVA, suitable for any type of application.
Photovoltaic systems
Environmental protection is essential nowadays and that is why we offer services and components for the implementation of photovoltaic systems.
Charging stations
We provide solutions for charging electric vehicles by installing charging stations according to customer requirements.

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Weak current electrical installations

EIS va pune la dispozitie servicii de proiectare, realizare si punere in functiune de instalatii electrice de curenti slabi. Oferta EIS include: avertizare efractie, supraveghere video, control acces, voce-date.

EIS provides design, construction and commissioning services for weak current electrical installations. EIS offer: intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, voice & data.
Intrusion alarm systems
The intrusion alarm systems uses presence detectors to identify unwanted intrusion. The warning is made via sirens or by direct contact to the dispatchers, internet, telephone.
We are distributors specialized in the sale and installation of professional intrusion alarm systems according to I18/2.
Video Surveillance
The video surveillance system is meant to monitor in real time a space chosen according to the needs and requirements of the client.
The chosen system consists of a video camera, recording systems and dedicated software.
Video surveillance is an ideal solution for locations that require high security.
Access Control
The access control system allows the management of the persons present in an institution, by monitoring the access points, the users and the cards. Access control may restrict accessdepending on a person’s access status, to ensure maximum security.
Access control is done by identifying the pin code, the proximity card, biometric data, etc.
We make automatic parking systems ideal for any type of parking – Amano.
Voice & Data
Voice-Data solutions are installations made of cable infrastructures (UTP, fiber optics, etc.), central equipment (servers, switches, routers, media converters, etc.) and equipment for workstations (voice-data sockets, PCs, smartphones, tablets, video camera, etc.).
Passive-Optical LAN solution.
Sound and public address
The public address and sound system is a sound amplification and distribution system that aims to achieve an ambient sound and to announce the occurrence of an emergency.